Rainbow Texfab Pvt Ltd.

Executive Management Team

Vikram Singh Shekhawat, Chairman/CEO

• 25 years experience in international textile business
• Responsible for strategy, sales,finance, customer relationship, Supplier Management.

Arjun Singh Shekhawat, Director/CFO

• 27 years experience in accounting and business development.
• Responsible for accounting, finance,contracts, strategy, compliance.

Company Fact Sheet & Overview.

  • Founded in 2005 in Jaipur India.
  • Family owned business with over 800 full time employees.
  • Production capacity is 90,000 – 3,00,000 per month.
  • Expertise in women’s wear. Up to 90% for women’s wear & 10 % for men’s wear.
  • Dealing in high quality women’s outer garments for retail customers all over the world including major customers in Japan,UK, Australia, South America, Canada and South Africa. Also, introducing in Europe.
  • The management is consisting of experts having more than 20 years of experience in garment manufacturing.
  • Acquired certifications from customers, government & third party CoC certifications.
  • Showing 35% Average Annual Growth Rate since 2005 – 2017.
  • Acclaimed to be profitable from 2006 onwards.


  • Factory: 1,30,000 Square Feet
  • 24/7 serviced IT-infrastructure (network, computers, backups.
  • Production time: 60 – 90 days

Development Story

  • In house CAD studio establishment.
  • In house design studio establishment.
  • Hiring of additional experts to expedite & stream line the process.


  • Logistics via FedEx & DHL
  • Airfreight: worldwide
  • Shipping by Sea – optional.

Social Accountability Compliance (I)

Rainbows certifications

  • SA 8000 compliant.
  • Disha Certified
  • Independent auditing body certifications by Business Compliance Network, Cologne, Germany.
  • Certified according to German VDA standards.
  • Indian government assessments.
  • ISO 26000:2010

Social Accountability Compliance (II)

Rainbows certifications

  • All employees above 18 years.
  • Working contracts.
  • Medical insurances.
  • Health protection.
  • Safety manager and facilities.
  • Emergency exits.
  • Payment above minimum wages.
  • Overtime payment.
  • Regulated working hours.
  • Six day working schedule, calendar holidays, 3 breaks per day (coffee break, noon break, tea break).
  • Clean sanitation.
  • Coolers
  • Environment protection (Washington Convention).
  • Trade-Law compliance.
  • Anti-Corruption compliance.
  • Anti – Harassment policy.

Corporate policy

Motivation of employees by healthy working practices.

Corporate Social Responsibility at Rainbow

Education of poor people in rural areas. Supporting NGO’s.

Rainbow Differentiators

Competitive price/time/quality relation due to

  • Modern Japanese Machine Park.
  • Educated, motivated employees (CoC compliance)
  • In house designers.
  • Efficient management of full supply chain.
  • Advanced notifications in case of delivery delays in due time.
  • Established, proven QM processes - 0% return rates for deliveries.

Embroidery Section

  • 5*18 head Japanese embroidery machines (Barudan, incl. CAD workplace)
  • 1*6 head embroidery machine (Barudan, incl. CAD workplace)
  • Embroidery specialists (> 20 years experience in embroidery)
  • In house embroidery pattern designers.
  • Hand embroidery.

The company governs in respect & commitment to quality.
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